Saturday, 8 November 2014

Music to my ears...

First things first (I'm a realist) I will address my MIA status for the past few months, I speak as if people actually read my blog and noticed the lack of posts, PAH. Anyway I basically got a bit lazy and lost interest, easily done when you don't necessarily have a proper following and work full time...yardeyaryar. As a blog reader myself, I also felt as if I had nothing new to say about anything. Everyone bashes on about the same products and the latest trends and I didn't want to just type crap for the sake of it and be another 'blogger'. Since starting my job, I've actually started to despise the whole idea of blogging. We send free gifts to so many bloggers in the hope that one of them might Instagram/Tweet about it and tell all their followers that it's the latest greatest thing, but how many of them are just posting about the product because they feel obligated to or are told to by their PR company's? Bloggers are a great advertising tool and it's no wonder company's are jumping on the bandwagon but as a reader, I want to feel like I'm getting an honest and personal opinion. Anyway I'll stop there before I begin writing my Dissertation Part 2 ...I actually wrote my Dissertation on the rise of the fashion outsider and how young fashion bloggers are changing the industry. Funnily enough that seems like an absolute age ago as when I wrote it Tavi Gevinson was still 13 and the opposite of 'norm-core'. 
 So despite my personal dispute with the blogging world, I've really missed writing and now that summer has buggered off and I refuse to leave the house when it's cold and dark (I'm really sociable in the summer I promise), I have found some spare time to start blogging again.

So back to the actual post...

I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite tunes/artists at the moment. It's actually a bit cringe that I'm writing a music post as on the whole I have the combined music taste of an old man and a 12 year old girl. However I have recently been looking out for some new music to break away from the 'Teen Pop' trap I've been stuck in for the past few years (the moment of truth hit me when an advert for the Pop Princess album came on TV and I actually squealed 'oooo I want that!').  So on the musical road to recovery I have discovered some new luscious sounds (which probably aren't 'new' to all you music hipsters but they are new to me, so that makes them new) .


Discovered Soak on Radio 1's live lounge sessions. She's an Irish 17 year old with a beautiful raspy voice and this song in particular is a great floaty one to fall asleep to... that is a compliment in case you're wondering.


Bear's Den are a 3 piece alternative folk band formed in West London and dare I say it, sound a bit Mumford and Sons-esque (I can almost feel people kicking me). Anyway I love them not only because they make sweet sweet music but also because they look like bear-humans and make beautiful heart-wrenchingly emotional videos. 
I've attached 2 videos, both of which made me cry...God damn being a hormonal girl, EVERYTHING MAKES ME CRY! 

Elysium - Talking to NPR Music, Marcus said of the video, “’Elysium’ became very personal to me very quickly. It made me think about my younger brothers and their transition from kids to adulthood. I wanted to document the actions and emotions of people at this age… I wanted to freeze the last remnants of youth still left in my brother… Soon after I arrived in Seattle, an armed man walked onto campus and shot four students. One of them died. That weekend, my brother and his friends wanted to finish the video, in honour of Paul (Lee, the victim of the gunman’s attack). The end result is a video that depicts real friends, real teenagers, experiencing something far too real.”


Nothing more to say other than LOOK AT HIM! What a gorgeous specimen...
Okay 2nd to that, I really like his music too. So before you get excited, this song is not a cover of Disney's Frozen (that may have been the reason I stumbled across him on YouTube but lets not dwell on that). His voice is painfully good and 'let it go' is another good fall asleeper. If you're not into the slow stuff he does do upbeat so check out 'if you ever wanna be in love' and 'when we were on fire'. 


Okay I'm definitely late on the FKA TWIGS bandwagon and shamefully I only discovered her since she started dating R Pats. Well I can safely say R Pats has made a good decision as Twiggy is onehellova babe and you know what they say about girls who can hit the high notes? No? I don't know what they say either. Anyway here's a tune from her 2013 EP which comes with a very sensual video whereby she gets fingered in the mouth, kids these days...


Last but not least!...well definitely the least amount of clothes. So I came across The Shoe after a late night Wikipedia session and whilst reading up about The Hunger Games, I discovered that actress Jena Malone is also in a band. Naturally I checked them out and am loving them almost as much as Jena loves being naked...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Home Additions

Since moving into a rented room in a crowded house, it has been somewhat difficult to feel homely. With a lot of stuff and very little space, it is almost impossible to achieve my ideal interior habitat of a paired down, clean & simple space with quirky furniture... for now I will have to settle for 'shabby chic' (shudder).
Here are a few of my recent purchases in a bid to feel less like a student (which I haven't been for nearly 2 years) and more like a sassy professional home owner who makes their own pasta (which I will never be)...

New Pet
I picked up this snoop doggy dawg at the Ideal Home Show last month. I originally walked away from her as couldn't justify spending £15 on a floral polystyrene animal that matches nothing in my room, but then I thought hell! If I can't have my real dog in London with me then I might as damn well have a fucking polystyrene one. I called her Nancy and I have definitely been caught talking to her.

Green Shit
 Recently I discovered the H&M near work has a home department (took me 8 months to realise) and I was pretty impressed with the whole shebang. I brought this EASE candle for a snip at £3.99. I then decided to begin a love affair with bottle green and went on to buy a bottle green bottle and tea-light holder from George home. Yet again this matches nothing else in my room... clearly I think things through before I buy them.

Rug Muncher 
I do love a good rug, they can make the coldest of rooms feel warm and cosy. I couldn't resist this guy from Urban Outfitters sale, reduced to just £5 from £18! Yet again it clashes with everything in my room (especially the dog) but I figure one day I will have more than one room to glance my interior eye over and this beaut will lie perfectly on the hardwood floors of my in-house studio (pah, one can dream). 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dot to Dot - Nails

&Other Stories have been posting some awesome nail art tutorials on their Instagram lately. This simple spot design instantly caught my eye and looked liked something I could easily achieve myself - I can barely paint my right hand let alone attempt any form of nail art.
 The &Other Stories version was actually a clear nail with black dots, it looked gorge but my nails are in no fit state to go naked so I applied a couple coats of Revlon Apricot Nectar. Then I used a kirby clip to apply the black dots, I dipped one end into the polish and then dabbed a single spot on each nail in various places. Finished off with a topcoat and whaalahh... pretty happy with the results if I do say so myself.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Miista Sample Sale - Shoes, blood and tears

 Last week I attended a Miista sample shoe sale in Dalston and came away with a big box and a big smile... plus a few tears and 1 big gash (more on that at the end of the post).
 Sample sales aren't really my thing, well they would be my thing if I was a sample size (damn you double figure dress-size) however low and behold...I am a sample shoe size!! My too-small-for-body feet (size 4) have finally served me well and resulted in too much choice and not enough money. Miista shoes retail at £100- £250 yet samples start from as little as £10 so although you can grab a bargain, I had a strict budget in mind. After severe heart palpitations and pretty much trying to juggle 4 boxes of shoes on my hip (didn't want to risk losing them to another small footed female did I), I eventually settled to these two pairs:

Ali Mint
RRP: £240 - Sample price £40
Totally impractical due to my inability to wear heels however these beauts are surprisingly comfy. The lucite and wood heel is a recognisable design feature of Miista shoes and I would have felt cheated if I didn't get my hands/feet on a pair. These minty miista's are available here - 

(Unfortunately I don't I have a full shot of me led in this uncompromising position with my butt against  my head board) 

N/A Sandals
Sample price - £10
These were the biggest bargin, sweet sweet lil turtle shell sandals. Bring on the sand!
I attempted to trial these out on that almost sunny day we had in London last week but as with any new shoe, I got blisters. I should probably explain to my housemates that the reason I'm wondering around our digs in socks and sandals is to break in my new shoes, or I could just leave it and just let them think it's the latest trend - either way they will just assume I'm losing the plot.

(you may be wondering why I only have 3 toes... as a child my dog mistook my feet for chew toys)

Oh so the tears and blood? A post-shopping drink lead to multiple post-shopping drinks and I ended up missing my last train home. Long story short I was directed to East Croydon where in a slightly bleary-eyed rush up the station steps, I tripped and fell. I fell up, up stairs, wearing trainers (feet-too-small-for-body syndrome). I also happened to be wearing my ripped knee jeans, the very ripped knee jeans I was wearing when I fell over the previous weekend. My recently healed scabby knees took a second beating and I now have an open wound the size of my knee. It bloody hurt but I am a badass so didn't cry... Oh so what made me cry you ask? After arriving at East Croydon I realised I had to wait half an hour for the night bus to Brixton... I was so tired and fed up by this point that I just jumped into a cab (a licensed one from a Taxi rank must I add). He pulled over so I could get cash out - 'That'll be £35 quid love' . This, this is when I cried. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Life as a Lipstick snob - Yves Saint Laurent review

As someone who loves to pick up a Rimmel lippy for a fiver in every colour under the sun, I have never invested in a high-end lip product. Spending £25 on something I will inevitably lose just doesn't appeal to me, fortunately these reservations don't exist when something is given to me. My wonderful Mother hen brought me this Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in the shade Rouge Volupte last weekend, I definitely squealed when she pulled this golden stick out of her bag and handed it to me. I imagine if we were in some kind of American advertisement she would have said 'your a real woman now'. Shame the reality isn't quite so. 
Anyway back to the stick of destiny (see what I did there?). The formulation is like melted butter, smells like watermelons and compared with drug store lippy's, it doesn't wear off as soon as you shove anything in your gob. To be honest even if it was shit, the packaging was enough to win me over... GOLD! "Always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know, your indestructible!!!". Now that I am a newly established lipstick snob, I shall definitely be investing in a few more of these little wonders. Farewell disposable income, fare thee well!

Sorry for the shit quality phone selfie but it shows off the colour nice enough...

Monday, 17 March 2014

Of the moment obsessions: Monki, FratBoy and Hache

This is my second post of this nature, my top 3 of the moment obsessions: Fashion, beauty and Miscellaneous. 

Fashion: Monki
After many trips down Carnaby Street looking at multiple pairs of trainers with my footwear obsessed boyfriend, I had always wondered past Monki but never been inside. This is due to that fact that if I left said boyfriend alone in Size, he would probably buy a pair of trainers he already owns but in a slightly different shade of black. So once alone and free to roam, I snuck into Monki and BY JINGO was I happy. The store alone is a pretty impressive undersea kingdom but also a death trap to those of us in the clumsy club (which I am the King of). Wall mirrors errrywhere! Clothes wise, well it is unbelievably cheap and has some of the most awesome and unusual prints. I find a lot of high-stores struggle with unique prints - often I'll see the same printed dress from Topshop, in Newlook a few weeks later. Also are we not all getting sick of floral and heart prints?? Snoozeeeeeeee. Anyway here are some of my current lust-haves from the store...(I already have the Iguana jumper and have this funky arm dance that I have no control over when I wear it).

Beauty: Frat-Boy by The Balm
This blush had been on my beauty must-have list for some time now but was sold out on for a while, probably due to the frenzy it has caused on the blogosphere. Well it was certainly worth the wait! It's a very pink blush but I find this shade suits my pale winter face better than any peachy counterparts. Frat-Boy has a lovely pigment and feels almost creamy to the touch, also I can't go without mentioning it's beautiful packaging...gotta love any product that includes a mini mirror for on-the-go application!

Miscellaneous aka FOOD: Hache Burger 
Since becoming a carnivore circa August 2013 I have struggled to remember how I lived without burgers. You could say I am an addict but like a snobby alcoholic who will only drink Grey Goose vodka, I will only eat posh burgers! (okay that is a lie, I will eat any burger but hand me an organic hipster burger over a big mac any-day). So on the quest to find London's best burger, I have tried and tested some of the city's most hyped about burgers joints including Meat Liquor, Honest Burger and most recently Hache. Hands down, Hache is the best burger I've EVER eaten!!! I had a Louisiana burger which had one of my favourite ever ingredients in it...Peanut butter. You know when something sounds so odd you have to try it? Okay maybe just me, but frickin hell this was the most incredible culinary invention ever ever ever! Now as I inhaled the burger as soon as it arrived in front of me, I didn't manage to take a good old fashioned Instafood snap. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Body Shoppin: The Body Shop on 02 Priority Moments!

02 priority moments you little babe! Visited The Body Shop last week as they were offering £10 off any £20 spend. However I have just spotted an even better deal this week for £20 off any £40 spend! Eeek. Bad timing for me as I ended up spending £20 anyway...dammit.
I genuinely haven't stepped foot in a Body Shop since I was about 10  and I remember it vividly because my brother found a tenner on the floor and Mum made us hand it in, clearly she doesn't know how to be thrifty. Anyway my visit to the store was LOOOONG overdue as since I started blogging I've noticed quite a lot of hype surrounding Body Shops make-up range and have been eager to give it go. So here's what I brought...

Honey Bronzing Powder - Shade 2 (I shall call this my Honey Boo Boo)
After too many heavy handed accidents with my Bourjois chocolate bar bronzer I have been on the hunt for something a bit lighter. This product is really build-able and gives a soft natural bronze to the skin, I find this works best for me at the moment where I am a bit paler. Slight downfall is it is unscented, I rather enjoyed having a face that smelt like chocolate...

Skin Primer Matte IT
I used to use primer all the time but since L'oreal stopped selling my favourite jelly base (name unknown), I kind of just gave up with it. However I spotted this tube of mattifying jelly primer and splodged some on my hand and and and... OH MY SWEET LORD soooo smoooth... Get on my face... Get in my basket... Never gunna give you up, never gunna let you down, never gunna turn around and desert you...

Aloe Lip Care
This was kind of the reason why I wanted to visit the shop of bodies. I'd heard about this product on beauty blogger Essie Button's video (click here to watch) and after many a chapped lip day, I needed a quick fix. This product has been a life/lip saver!! My smooch is now buttery soft and and ready for smoooooooooooooching, ew.